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Boreal Medicines

The two sessions I will be leading as part of W I L D C R A F T will guide you into your own confidence of connecting to, and working with, medicinal plants of the boreal forest. You will learn safety & identification, respectful harvesting practices, and how to turn your harvest into valuable, readily usable medicines for yourself & to share with your kin. We will cover the basics of medicine making - learning the cornerstone methods of effective teas, tinctures, & topicals, so you know how & when to use which remedy. And you will get to practice right way!

As part of the workshop, you will get to make your own custom tincture & herbal salve to take home. You will also receive my harvest reference book for Saskatchewan - The Herbalist In Each Of Us, which will help you as you continue to develop the lifelong skill of wildcrafting.

Kjelti Anderson

Your Instructor:

I move with a profound sense of belonging to this world & offer my voice to the living litany ringing through the forest as an ode to the unfolding of all creation within & around us. In knowing my intrinsic self as a wild being, I am most at ease, most sensually refined, most attuned to my own sacredness, when I am amongst the elements.

I am a passionate and curious folk herbalist - I’ve been learning from the medicinal plants of the prairies & boreal for over ten years. My confidence as a herbalist comes from my connection to the plants because really, I am only a conduit for their medicine + their teachings of how to be embodied on Earth; resonant, vibrant, resilient, connected, & at ease. I have also studied with Sajah Popham, Beverley Gray, Samantha Ortlieb, Daphie Pooyak, Jim McDonald, & Seán Donahue.

My work includes wildcrafting & carefully preparing a line of herbal remedies for women, offering one-on-one herbal consultations. And my biggest passion is in teaching and helping others develop their own connection to local, medicinal plants. I look forward to guiding you at W I L D C R A F T.

Kjelti Anderson

In another time, we would have all been herbalists. We would have all had the basic knowledge we needed to wander through the meadows and woods searching for those plants we could gather to nourish our minds, bodies, and spirits. We would have lived with the intrinsic knowing that the plants we live alongside are some of our greatest allies for healing. But in greater society today, our inherited & innate connection to plants is overshadowed by the way humans have abused and become disconnected from the natural world over millennia. And now - we have unlearning & remembering to do.

Thankfully, we are many who are listening to the latent longing to be in deep connection with our relatives with roots, and to be in right relationship within Nature. We must simply begin (and forever continue) learning through our own senses and experiences how to respect the teachings of the plants, how to pick medicines, and how to prepare remedies. We are all plant people; we all have the ability to learn from, and heal with the help of, our relatives with roots.

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