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Jack Millikin Centre Wildcraft Art Class

June 28 to July 1, 2022


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1. (Verb) To gather (herbs,plants and fungi) from the wild.

2. (Noun) The action or practice of wildcrafting.

Imagine taking time of your day to day, to learn & remember ancestral wisdom, to explore new artistic possibilities, to steep in the medicine of the woods, and to connect to a circle of wild kindred creators.

Come Gather with Us 

Gather friends new & old, who share a kindred love of plants, amongst the towering spruce & the whispering aspens of the boreal forest. Gather knowledge, remembering, & practice in working with the vast repository of plant magic & medicine in the forest.

Craft with what you Gather

Craft eco-dyed paper & cloth
Craft medicines
Craft culinary experiences
Craft shared culture

Included in your Investment


  • Three serene morning movement sessions (accessible for all bodies)

  • Over 15 hours of Instruction Time

  • Stories & Sacred Teachings

  • Delicious, One of a Kind Forest to Fork Meals (Lunches & Suppers Only)

  • Your own eco-printed Paper & Harvest Bag

  • Your own custom tincture & herbal salve

  • The Herbalist In Each of Us: Wildcrafting Reference (by Kjelti)

  • Evenings spent gathering around the fire

Spend four days in the boreal forest, immersed in the sounds, colours, flavours, & spirit of Nature.


Meet Your Instructors

Jack Millikin Centre Wildcraft Art Class



11am - 1pm: Registration (No Lunch Provided)


1pm: Orientation & Land Acknowledgement & Blessing

Lynn, Kjelti , Bonny, Daphie


2pm - 4pm: Introduction to Wildcrafting & Plant Walk
Kjelti, Daphie, Lyn, Bonny

5pm: Gather, Happy Hour - Boreal Drink Blueberry Melemel 


6pm: Supper

7:30pm: Teachings & Stories with Daphie around the Fire - Ceremony 


8am: Yoga

10am: Culinary with Lyn

12pm: Lunch

1pm: Mordant Fibers & Gathering & Printing Paper

3pm: Protocols with Daphie / The Herbalist in Each of Us

5pm: Gather & Happy Hour

6pm: Supper

7pm: Unbundle paper


Evening: Free Time


8am: Yoga

10am: Gathering 

12pm: Lunch 

1pm - 4:30pm
Printing Cloth Bags
Making Herbal Medicines


4:30pm Forest to Fork Supper

Evening: Free Time


8am: Yoga

10am: Stitching & Sharing

12pm: Closing Circle

1pm: Lunch / Departures

2pm: W I L D C R A F T Debrief



Whether you want to lay your head under the stars or sleep in luxury, Ness Creek has what you need.  Endless camping, powered or not.  Cabins, big and small.

You can book powered or non-powered camping with your class registration. If you would prefer to stay in a cabin please book separately with Discover Ness Creek. 

Looking to stay close to the water's edge? Check out Nesslin Lake just 20 minutes down the road!


Discover Ness Creek & Nesslin Lake